Sco-Jo Environmental was founded by Scott Lewis, a native of Edmond, OK, in 2008. Lewis began his journey in the oil and gas industry in 2002, and shortly thereafter, he continued that journey, working alongside his father in 2004. Today, with over 18 years of experience in the industry, Lewis and his long-standing team, have grown a thriving environmental business through consistently striving for excellence, trust, and a strong knowledge of EPA and state compliance standards. Sco-Jo Environmental is a solid advocate of the oil and gas industry, offering cost-effective services that help clients meet both state and EPA regulatory requirements. Lewis and his team serve the industry nationally, traveling across the United States solidifying relationships and providing hands-on service to ensure all EPA requirements are met or exceeded.

Meet Our Team

Scott Lewis

Scott Lewis Jr. – President, CEO, and Visionary

23 years of Oil & Gas Experience
20 years in Regulatory Environmental Compliance (EPA, State, and OSHA)

Throughout Scott’s career, he has focused on the importance of making the environmental compliance process smoother for his clients as well as the oil and gas industry as a whole. Maintaining compliance can be overwhelming and complex for many companies, and that’s why Scott continues to attend EPA meetings, remaining up-to-date and current with changes to rules within the government agencies that impact environmental oversight. Over the last 10 years, there have been numerous reports of environmental compliance companies operating in a sub-par manner, involving poor practices or illegal practices and essentially giving the environmental industry a bad name. This is extremely unfortunate, especially in an industry where standards of work and practice are so vital. For this reason, Scott is compelled to assure his clients that his team is resolved to perform at the highest standard of integrity, and they work diligently to keep their clients compliant with the EPA in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Scott and the Sco-Jo team have helped several dozen clients navigate EPA audits, guiding them step by step through the entire process. Scott’s hands-on leadership keeps him involved in every aspect of his company, continually evaluating the processes needed to produce the best outcomes for their clients. It is common for Scott to visit worksites in the field. In fact, he has visited more than 25,000 leases during his career and loves every bit of it. Scott strives to serve each of his clients, providing them with the best customer service possible. Through the years, Scott has become acquainted with several EPA agents across the country and he has become well-known for his trusted SPCC plans.

Of note, Scott received hands-on experience from working with his father and with Jester Industries, LLC. Additionally, he has previously worked closely with petroleum engineers, David Yard and Gary Wines.


Jon Stromberg, Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum Engineer

Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from New Mexico State University
MBA, University of Texas at El Paso


  • Licensed Petroleum Engineer in Texas & Oklahoma
  • 55+ years in the Oil & Gas Industry
  • Production Engineer
  • Reservoir Engineer
  • Worked alongside Scott Lewis for over 10 years at Sco-Jo Environmental, helping prepare the best, most cost-effective, and compliant SPCC plans in the industry
Erin Mcelgunn - Executive Assistant / Processing

Executive Assistant/Processing

Associates of Health & Science from Newman University Wichita, Kansas


  • 4 years as a Legal Secretary
Scott Lewis Jr.

Lead CAD Draftsman

Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from Oklahoma State University


  • 18 years Commercial Construction
  • 5 years in the Oil & Gas Industry
    (In his early career, Dan worked alongside Scott Lewis as a field agent)
  • Certified CAD Draftsman
  • Part 107 UAS Licensed Pilot
Andy Scoggins Jr. - Field Agent / Sales

Field Agent/Sales


  • 1 year in the Oil & Gas Industry
  • Training and working alongside Scott
  • Training to take on the role of running the field agent department and sales
Sean Broommall, CAD DRAFTSMAN / Sales

CAD Draftsman/Sales


  • 2 years with Sco-Jo
  • 8 years CAD/Draftsmanship
  • Trained by Scott in the field to make sure all field drawings are complete and accurate